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Budget 2001

Be your own Chancellor

Ever wondered what it feels like to be the Chancellor of the Exchequer and run the nation's economy? Give it a go and create your own government budget with our virtual model of the UK economy.

To make any changes, use the drop-down menus. The figures in the boxes show the current rates of taxation and benefit levels. Just select the value that is closest to what you want. When you are happy with your budget reforms, click the 'Run Model' button at the end.

So have you ruined the economy or boosted your party's electoral fortunes? The results page will tell you how your budget affects typical families and what it will do to the economy.

If you are using a slow internet access, you might want to turn off your images. If you are interested in further details on how the model works visit the website of the Institute for Fiscal Studies.

How do you want to tax the country?

 Direct Taxes
Income Tax - Basic Rate (%)
Income Tax - Higher Rate (%)
Higher Rate threshold (pounds per year)
Personal Allowance (pounds per year)
Employee's National Insurance Rate (%)
Upper earnings limit on National Insurance (pounds per week)

 Indirect Taxes
Beer (tax per pint)
Wine (tax per bottle)
Spirits (tax per bottle of whisky)
Tobacco (tax per packet of 20)
Petrol (tax per litre of unleaded)
VAT (Value Added Tax)
Car Tax (Vehicle Excise Duty) on engines larger than 1500cc

How do you want to spend the money?

Government Spending
National Health Service
Law and order

Child Benefit (pounds per week)
The basic state pension (pounds per week)

See your budget's impact on tax payers and the economy.

Ruined the economy? Click here to start again.