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Tour the Dome

As part of our special webcast and interactive tour of the Millennium Dome, BBC News Online held an online questionnaire of visitors to the attraction in August.

Here's what those questioned had to say.

 The Millenium Dome
Are you having a fun day?
Yes345   (87.6%)
No14  (3.6%)
Don't know35  (8.9%)
  394 valid Votes
 Value for money
It costs an average family £57 to visit the Dome. What do you think?
Itís good value163   (41.5%)
It's too expensive200  (50.9%)
No opinion30  (7.6%)
  393 valid Votes
The Domeís Greenwich site was chosen over others including one near Birmingham.
Did they make the right choice?
Good location303   (77.1%)
Bad location 63  (16.0%)
No opinion27  (6.9%)
  393 valid Votes
 "Wow" Factor
MPs say that the Millennium Dome lacks the "wow" factor.
Do you agree?
The children are impressed131   (33.3%)
Weíre all impressed190  (48.3%)
Weíre disappointed54  (13.7%)
No opinion18  (4.6%)
  393 valid Votes
The Dome aims to bring education and entertainment together through technology and innovation
Itís a unique experience189   (55.9%)
Itís sometimes confusing113  (33.4%)
Neither36  (10.7%)
  338 valid Votes
 The Media
Dome supporters say itís had unfair media coverage
I agree255   (77.0%)
I disagree45  (13.6%)
Neither31  (9.4%)
  331 valid Votes

BBC News Online questioned 394 members of the public at the Millennium Dome on Tuesday 22 August and Wednesday 23 August. The BBC does not suggest that the results of this questionnaire are scientifically accurate or representative of the views of the general public or of all of those who have visited the Millennium Dome over the past year. It is merely a flavour of opinion among some visitors to the Dome on the days in question.