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The Grand National Course Map

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Fences 6 & 22Becher's Brook Fences 7 & 23Foinavon Fence 15The Chair
Fences 9 & 25Valentine's Brook Fences 8 & 24Canal Turn Fence 16Water Jump
The National Course
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Canal Turn
One of the more unusual fences in British racing. The fence itself is plain, 5ft tall, but is positioned at a 90-degree turn to the left. Jumping the fence straight on can be disastrous to a horse's chance as many lengths can be lost before it can straighten up. Jockeys therefore try to get their mounts to angle across the fence.

On the first circuit in 1928, Easter Hero fell into the then ditch and brought down all but seven of the 42-strong field. By halfway, only five were left in it and at the last just two - Billy Barton fell, leaving 100/1 chance Tipperary Tim to come home alone. Billy Barton was remounted to finish a remote second with no other finishers, a record low for the race.
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