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MIR space station 1986 - 2001
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MIR space station Gennady Strekalov, Charlie Precourt, Bonnie Dunbar and Greg Harbaugh
Gennady Strekalov, Charlie Precourt, Bonnie Dunbar and Greg Harbaugh provide their own entertainment
In February, the US space shuttle flew around Mir in a rendezvous test. Nasa astronaut Norman Thagard was launched to Mir in a Russian Soyuz capsule along with two Russians.

In July, the American space shuttle docked with Mir for the first time. It delivered a docking compartment which meant that the station's Kristall module no longer had to be moved to facilitate each shuttle visit.

Another space shuttle docking took place in November.

The Spektr module, containing Earth observation equipment, was joined to Mir in May 1995. The module was attached opposite Kvant 2. It was destined to be Mirís unluckiest component.

Cosmonaut Valery Polyakov set a world space endurance record - 438 days - long enough said space scientists for a one-way trip to Mars.

January 1995: Valery Polyakov sets a new space record Real 56K 
February 1995: Shuttle Atlantis docks with Mir
Real 56K 
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