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MIR space station 1986 - 2001
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MIR space station Elena Kondakova spent 169 days in space in 1994
Elena Kondakova spent 169 days in space in 1994 (AP)
In January, the departing Soyuz TM-17 spacecraft collided with the Kristall module twice. It was later established that the crew packed their spacecraft so full of souvenirs that it was unable to manoeuvre as it should.

In a historic move, the United States and Russia agreed to conduct joint missions aboard the space station. A docking module was attached to Mir to allow American space shuttles to link up with the Russian space station.

From 1994 onwards, Mir was used for technology development for the future International Space Station (ISS).

In October, Soyuz TM-20 delivered a three-member crew including Elena Kondakova, who spent 169 days in space, a record for a female cosmonaut.

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