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MIR space station 1986 - 2001
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MIR space station Jean Loup Chretien visted Mir in 1988 and 1995
Jean Loup Chrétien visted Mir in 1988 and 1995
This was the year when the USSR began to face the fact that it could not do everything it wanted in space.

The first and last mission of the Soviet Buran space shuttle was was an unmanned flight in November this year. Buran had been in development since 1980 and had been designed to dock with Mir.

However its high cost and severe technical problems meant that it would never venture into space again. Funding for the project was cut - although it wasn't officially cancelled until 1993.

The first astronaut who wasn’t either Russian or American to take a spacewalk was Frenchman Jean-Loup Chrétien who stayed aboard Mir for a month in December 1988.

He arrived on board Soyuz TM-7, together with Russians Aleksandr Volkov and Sergei Krikalev. The three joined the crew of Titov Manarov and Valery Polyakov, who were already on Mir.

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