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MIR space station 1986 - 2001
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MIR space station A cosmonaut takes a walk in space
A cosmonaut takes a walk in space - secured by a tether
The second component of the space station - the Kvant 1 module - was launched on 31 March 1987. It contained astrophysics equipment, more living space and gyroscopes for Mirís stability. It eventually became a base for two extendable truss structures and the additional solar panels.

But a problem occurred when Kvant 1 attempted to dock with Mir and an emergency spacewalk was required from cosmonauts Yuri Romanenko and Alexander Laveikin to fix it.

The two cosmonauts found a bag of rubbish from a previous cargo ship had become stuck between Mir and Kvant 1. When it was removed, the docking was able to take place.

In July, a Syrian guest cosmonaut, Mohammed Faris, spent a week on Mir.

October 1987: Yuri Romanyenko breaks the record for the amount of time spent in space Real 56K 
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