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6 October 2001
England v Greece

A massive policing operation prevented major trouble even though some of Englandís worst hooligan groups were on display. However, Manchester United hooligans fought with Manchester City at the Thirsty Scholar pub near Oxford Road Station. They also clashed with the Stoke City firm in the Hogshead in Deansgate.

Sheffield United hooligans attacked the Finnegan's Wake pub in Piccadilly, where the Oldham firm the "Fine Young Casuals" were drinking with their friends from Shrewsbury.

21 October 2001
Port Vale v Stoke City

84 people were arrested after rival fans clashed at the local derby. Violence broke out in the streets around Port Valeís ground. There were two pitch invasions and both sets of supporters hurled missiles at each other. 300 police officers were drafted in to keep the peace.

27 October 2001
Stoke City v Bristol City

There was a fight on a train between fans from both clubs.

29 December 2001
Huddersfield Town v Stoke City

Hooligans from Stokeís "Naughty Forty" and "Under 5's" firms fought Huddersfield supporters throughout the day. In the worst incident Stoke fans smashed up and set fire to the White Hart pub, causing extensive damage.

5 January 2002
Stoke City v Everton

Some 500 Stoke supporters and 100 Everton fans intent on disorder attended this match. But whilst there was trouble at the train station after the game, the heavy police presence prevented any escalation. One Everton fan spent four days in hospital after being bitten by a police dog. He was later charged with a public order offence.

28 April 2002
Stoke City v Cardiff City

After the notorious fixture between these clubs in April 2000, police mounted one of the largest operations in the history of the domestic game. Staffordshire police, a small force of just 2,000 officers, called on other forces to turn out a thousand officers on the day.

The game was stopped for 7 minutes as the police attempted to arrest Stoke hooligans in the ground. After the game police were pelted with stones. Cardiff owner Sam Hamamm had his car vandalised.

1 May 2002
Cardiff City v Stoke City

Five people were arrested as trouble erupted after Cardiff lost in the Division Two play-off match.

Around 600 Cardiff fans gathered outside their Ninian Park stadium after the match as 800 Stoke fans were leaving.

Three police officers needed hospital treatment following the disturbance while a number of others suffered minor injuries.

Officers using batons struggled to keep the two sets of fans apart as missiles - including stones, bottles and fence posts - were thrown from the Cardiff side.

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