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4 August 2001
Millwall v Tottenham Hotspur

At 11.00am more than 100 Millwall hooligans travelled to an arranged meeting with the Tottenham "Yid Army" on Jamaica Road in Bermondsey. After vicious fighting, police reinforcements split the two groups. Police and ordinary fans again came under heavy and sustained attack from Millwall supporters near the New Den.

Hooligans from both clubs left the match ten minutes before the final whistle to continue their battle. At half past eight Tottenham hooligans returned to Bermondsey and attacked the Caulkers Pub. About 30 police officers and three police horses were injured during the day. One man was also taken to hospital with knife wounds.

19 August 2001
Birmingham City v Millwall

West Midlands Police mounted a huge operation after intelligence suggested Millwall hooligans were travelling in large numbers to take on the Birmingham City "Zulus". Under massive escort the Millwall group was escorted from New Street Station to the ground.

On the way back Birmingham City fans attempted to attack Millwall at the station. There were running battles with riot police, who also had to deal with the arrival of the Wolves hooligan group returning from their away match with Coventry.

21 August 2001
Millwall v Cardiff City

A potentially explosive mid-week fixture in the first round of the Worthington Cup. In the event only a few hundred Cardiff fans made the journey to London. Very few hooligans from Cardiff’s "Soul Crew" went to the Den.

However, after the game, young Millwall fans ran riot in the streets around the ground. Cars and shops were smashed and bricks and bottles were thrown at police long into the night.

25 August 2001
Millwall v Burnley

Just four days after the Cardiff game there was a repeat performance. Around 250 Millwall fans repeatedly attacked Burnley fans as they were escorted by police back to South Bermondsey Station. The hooligans fought with police for a further hour once the Burnley fans were gone.

20 October 2001
Millwall v Nottingham Forest

There was a major police operation to keep rival fans apart. Serious disorder broke out after the match as Millwall hooligans tried to attack Forest supporters on their way to the station.

31 October 2001
Wolverhampton Wanderers v Millwall

A large group of up to 250 Millwall hooligans burst through the police lines at Wolverhampton station. They attacked the Feathers Pub, near Molineux, where members of the Wolves "Subway Army" were drinking. Two Wolves hooligans were slashed in the face with Stanley knives. The groups were split up before the rest of the Wolves hooligans could arrive on the scene.

13 December 2001
Millwall v Portsmouth

Millwall supporters attacked a group of Portsmouth fans in the Windmill Pub near Waterloo Station. Eye-witnesses told how Portsmouth appeared to summon Millwall by mobile telephone. When Millwall arrived they attacked the pub with bottles, bricks and dustbin lids.

Portsmouth responded by throwing back everything they could lay their hands on. Every window of the pub was smashed while most of the furniture in the pub was either broken or ended up outside. Of the 100 people involved, all got away. After the match a Portsmouth supporter was brutally attacked outside the New Den.

10 January 2002
Millwall v Birmingham City

A half eaten pie was thrown at a linesman by Millwall fan.

26 January 2002
Millwall v Blackburn Rovers

A car clamper van targeted a line of Millwall supporters cars after being employed by a private local estate. When the fans returned to their vehicles the mood turned ugly and the police were called.

The clamper’s own vehicle was overturned and fans’ cars were released without fines being imposed. Police describe the clamper as either the "bravest or most stupid man alive".

9 February 2002
Nottingham Forest v Millwall

An unprecedented security operation was put in place to prevent Forest and Millwall hooligans from clashing in Nottingham. 270 police officers were deployed, 36 pubs were closed and the kick-off was moved to noon in a successful bid to stop any trouble.

About half of the Forest group were spotted drinking in Netherfield before kick-off. They boarded a train due to arrive in Nottingham at the same time as a train full of known Millwall hooligans. Police held the Millwall train back. After the game there was a stand-off between Forest and the police while Millwall were escorted to the train station.

9 March 2002
Portsmouth v Millwall

Kick-off was brought forward to noon in a bid to prevent trouble from breaking out. Before and after the match groups of fans tried to get at each other but were kept apart by a wall of police wearing riot helmets and wielding batons.

The two groups of hooligans taunted each other and threw missiles along Goldsmith Avenue and Frogmore Road. Goldsmith Avenue was closed to traffic and pubs were shut.

16 March 2002
Millwall v Sheffield Wednesday

Millwall hooligans attacked Sheffield Wednesday supporters as they left the ground. Police officers were hit with bricks and bottles and two needed hospital treatment.

5 April 2002
Millwall v Wolverhampton Wanderers

The Wolves hooligan group (the "Subway Army") arrived in Paddington and were spotted by two police officers. Their coach was escorted to the Den.

A huge policing operation (more than 300 officers) prevented the hooligan groups from clashing. Police were pelted with bricks, bottles and fireworks by Millwall fans attempting to get to the Wolves supporters.

2 May 2002
Millwall v Birmingham City

A total of 45 police officers were injured when trouble erupted after Millwall lost to Birmingham in the Divison One play-offs.

Police said a group of 900 Millwall fans spent an hour throwing missiles, including bricks, paving stones, a chisel, flares and fireworks at police. Two cars were also set alight.

A Scotland Yard spokeswoman said out of 36 mounted police officers, 24 were injured. Six officers required hospital treatment. Three police horses were also injured, two seriously.

A total of seven people were arrested.

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