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12 August 2001
Manchester United v Liverpool

Cardiff supporters returning from their league match against Wycombe found the Prince of Wales pub full of Manchester United fans, in town for the Charity Shield the next day.

Police kept the two groups apart with drawn batons and the hooligans fought running battles with police through the evening. 22 people were arrested, including two Cardiff youths aged just 11 and 13. One fan was slashed and a police officer suffered a broken arm.

There was further violence before the Charity Shield game the next day when eye-witnesses described how a 50-strong mob of Liverpool and Cardiff fans attacked Manchester followers in Wood Street.

21 August 2001
Millwall v Cardiff City

A potentially explosive mid-week fixture in the first round of the Worthington Cup. In the event only a few hundred Cardiff fans made the journey to London. Very few hooligans from Cardiff’s "Soul Crew" went to the Den.

However, after the game, young Millwall fans ran riot in the streets around the ground. Cars and shops were smashed and bricks and bottles were thrown at police long into the night.

9 October 2001
Bristol City v Cardiff City

The Cardiff "Soul Crew" hooligans were escorted to the Coliseum pub in Redcliffe Road. From there they were taken to Ashton Gate. Small groups of Bristol City hooligans were in touch by mobile phone to their Cardiff counterparts.

They tried to attack the escort at Ashton Park but were held back by the police. After the game 40 or 50 Bristol hooligans attacked Cardiff fans as they left the ground. There was hand to hand fighting before police horses charged in.

29 December 2001
Cardiff City v Bristol City

The Bristol City hooligan group of around 300 was escorted from the Old Monk pub to the ground. On the way they were ambushed by Cardiff’s "Soul Crew", at Grangetown Station. The police baton charged the Cardiff hooligans.

During the game coins, cans and bottles of urine were thrown. Innocent fans were terrified. Cardiff hooligans racially abused Bristol City fans and ripped up seats.

After the game, Bristol fans returning to their cars and coaches were pelted with stones. Cardiff hooligans then fought with police for up to an hour. A local photographer was beaten unconscious.

6 January 2002
Cardiff City v Leeds United

Around 200 Leeds hooligans travelled by coach to Hereford, where they boarded a train to Cardiff. They were escorted to the ground. A small group of Cardiff attempted to ambush them on Sloper Road, but were easily pushed back by the police.

Leeds hooligans racially abused Asian families on the way to the ground. Outside the ground the Leeds escort was pelted with missiles.

During the match missiles were thrown at Leeds fans, who returned many of them. At full time Cardiff fans invaded the pitch and were prevented from attacking the Leeds supporters by riot police and dogs.

26 February 2002
Huddersfield Town v Cardiff City

Four football fans were arrested even though the match was called off due to a waterlogged pitch. A large group of Cardiff hooligans in the Cherry Tree pub was surrounded by police. Officers from four different police forces escorted the Cardiff coaches down the M1, blocking off exits with motorcycle riders.

2 March 2002
Northampton Town v Cardiff City

There was a brawl involving more than 50 people at the Sixfields leisure complex in Weedon Road, shortly before the final whistle. Missiles were thrown and nearby drinkers were showered with glass as windows were smashed.

30 March 2002
Chesterfield v Cardiff City

Rival fans fought with each other both before and after the match. Missiles were thrown and the police came under attack as hooligans from both teams tried to get at each other. The trouble lasted well into the evening.

1 May 2002
Cardiff City v Stoke City

Five people were arrested as trouble erupted after Cardiff lost in the Division Two play-off match.

Around 600 Cardiff fans gathered outside their Ninian Park stadium after the match as 800 Stoke fans were leaving.

Three police officers needed hospital treatment following the disturbance while a number of others suffered minor injuries.

Officers using batons struggled to keep the two sets of fans apart as missiles - including stones, bottles and fence posts - were thrown from the Cardiff side.

28 April 2002
Stoke City v Cardiff City

After the notorious fixture between these clubs in April 2000, police mounted one of the largest operations in the history of the domestic game. Staffordshire police, a small force of just 2,000 officers, called on other forces to turn out a thousand officers on the day.

The game was stopped for 7 minutes as the police attempted to arrest Stoke hooligans in the ground. After the game police were pelted with stones. Cardiff owner Sam Hamamm had his car vandalised.

13 May 2002
Cardiff City v Swansea City

Rival fans threw bricks and bottles at each other after trouble flared at the end of the FAW Cup final at Ninian Park. Riot police and mounted officers were used to keep groups of fans apart.

Several supporters tore down dividing fences in a bid to get at each other but were eventually forced back to their coaches by police. One police officer was taken to hospital with a shoulder injury.

South Wales Police had arrested 34 people before the game in an operation aimed at preventing trouble.

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