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Innovation is the name of the game on the web. Take a look at these sites employing some of the most exciting new technology.

Whizzkids at wireframe show off their skills in Flash with good, clear design, and snippets of fun.

Using Quicktime VR within the Expedition Hall you can explore a 360 degree panoramic area with clickable hotspots.

A chat room in the form of a hotel where upon registering and choosing a character you are able to chat with other hotel guests and even buy furniture.

An innovative site that allows you to post your photos on the web, send them to friends, put in online albums and order prints whether you take pictures with a conventional or digital camera.

Fun, aesthetically pleasing and addictive golf game using Flash. Choose from a one or two player game or meet your opponent from the other side of the globe and play across the web.

Many MP3 sharing sites are born and evolving around us. Audiogalaxy has no central server to store the mp3s with the idea being that once you are registered you and other members can access hard drives all over the world with their own music libraries.


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