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Clock of the Long Now

Alexander Rose is the executive director of the Long Now Foundation, which is producing the Clock of the Long Now in the Nevada desert. The clock, which is designed to last for 10,000 years, is intended to "embody deep time for people. It should be charismatic to visit, interesting to think about, and famous enough to become iconic in the public discourse".

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Amateur v Professional

Dr Paul Cundy gets many patients coming to his surgery who know as much as, if not more than he does about medical complaints, thanks to the internet. What about other areas of expertise - such as the law or financial matters? Is the internet a powerful or a dangerous tool for ordinary people? We would like to hear from you. Dr Cundy appeared in a live webcast at 1400BST/1300GMT on Monday, 30 July.

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Do you feel uneasy about people tracing details about you, using the internet? Do you feel there should be more safeguards? Or do you think that the loss of privacy is a small price to pay for the advantages the internet offers? Jeff Rosen is an expert in privacy on the internet. He answered your queries and comments during a live webcast on Monday, 6 August at 1600BST/1500GMT.

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Inside v Outside

The internet has made it possible for people to take control of their own destiny. One example is the UK band Marillion, which escaped the clutches of the music industry and unsatisfactory record contracts by selling their records direct to their fans via their website, Do you think it is easier for individuals to be successful thanks to the internet? Steve "H" Hogarth and Mark Kelly from Marillion will be here on Monday, 13 August at 1400BST/1300GMT to answer your questions.

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