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1994 - 1995
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1994 - 1995
C18 published a glossy magazine, Combat 18, which suggested that all non-whites should "be shipped back to Africa, Asia, Arabia, alive or in body bags".

Its members were urged to "execute" homosexuals and "white race mixers" and "weed out Jews in government, the media, arts and professions".

Two senior BNP members, Tony Lecomber and Eddie Butler were attacked by C18 supporters. A letter bomb was then sent to the BNP's headquarters. Another two attacks followed on BNP members.

The London May elections in 1994 saw the BNP unable to retain the council seat it had won in Millwall in September 1993. Although Derek Beackon's vote went up, a large turnout saw the Labour candidate take the ward.

However, the BNP achieved its best local election results ever. In neighbouring Newham the BNP polled 34% in one ward.

A month later party leader John Tyndall polled 9% in a by-election in Dagenham, East London. Tyndall won almost as many votes as the Liberal Democrat. This was the first time that the party had saved its deposit in a Parliamentary election.

In May 1994 Southwark Crown Court was told that a black man was hit in the face with a glass in a racial attack involving the BNP's national organiser Richard Edmonds three days after Beackon's election victory in September 1993.

Edmonds was given a six-month prison sentence but he walked free from Southwark Crown Court because he had already spent three months in custody awaiting trial. Edmonds' co-defendant, Stephen O'Shea, another BNP member, received 12 months.

Combat 18's Charlie Sargent was interviewed in February 1995. He said, "I believe in Adolf Hitler and his solutions. There is bound to be a racial war in Europe - it is only a matter of time and we in Britain are the front-runners when it comes to fanatical Fascism. The rest of Europe, particularly the Germans, look up to C18. We will soon be ready for the big racial conflict. There has never been more support for Fascism in Britain than now. Ours is the natural politics of the British working man, who has been let down by political failures of the last three decades. My view is that all blacks should be killed."

Nick Griffin returned to public activism after several years operating behind the scenes. Through his connection to former ITP activists now in Croydon and Leeds BNP, Griffin began speaking at meetings around the country. However Tyndall refused his application to join claiming that Griffin had to prove his loyalty to the party.

Nick Griffin was finally allowed to join the BNP later in the year. Within months of joining, Griffin was editing the party magazine Spearhead. He also became editor of The Rune, an anti-Semitic BNP magazine.

Homes belonging to C18 members in London and Essex were raided by police officers in 1995. They seized copies of its publications, documents and CDs.

Afterwards an unidentified Special Branch officer said that they were "pleased with the success of this operation and are confident we have made a major dent in the distribution network for these magazines and discs".

The BNP failed to make any headway in the local elections. With its membership down to about 800, it only managed to field ten candidates.

John Gummer, the Secretary of State for the Environment, accepted a planning inspector's report that the BNP's use of a building in Welling as its headquarters was "unacceptable on grounds of public amenity".

He said the BNP must cease using it as a main office and mail order business within three months and remove "fortification" of the building in six.

BNP spokesman Michael Newland said that the order to remove the shutters was a political decision. The Government is saying: 'If we don't like your political opinions, then we will force you into a position where lawless mobs can attack your premises'".

Combat 18 logo
Combat 18 advocated violence towards its enemies

The Rune
Nick Griffin became editor of The Rune in 1995
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