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1984 - 1991
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1984 - 1991
During 1984-85, the NF sought to capitalise on various other campaigns in the country.

The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) was at its height and the NF used the anti-American sentiments it provoked. They organised an all-night vigil outside RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk to oppose the presence of US military personnel in Britain.

By supporting animal welfare, the NF were able to target Jews and Muslims by claiming that it was opposed to the ritual slaughter of animals.

Nationalism Today announced, "All the Jews have to do is stop this barbaric and torturous murder of defenceless animals. When they cease the slaughter the NF will cease its campaign. Until then the NF campaign for animal welfare will continue."

At its annual general meeting, the NF passed a resolution that called upon all nationalists to support such campaigns and show a NF with a consistent ideology.

It also formed 'instant response groups' which could react to political events with little notice. This was part of a general shift from traditional protest to political campaigns.

In 1988 NF leaders Nick Griffin, Patrick Harrington and Derek Holland went to Tripoli courtesy of the Libyan regime in the hope of securing funding. Unfortunately all they got was 5,000 copies of Colonel Gadaffi's Green Book.

However, the NF continued to attract little support. The British National Party succeeded in exploiting the National Front's gradual collapse.

In October 1990, The British National Party was described by the European Parliament's committee on racism and xenophobia as an "openly Nazi party... whose leadership have serious criminal convictions".

Asked whether this was accurate, Edmonds replied that people such as German stormtroopers were "fine, brave men who fought the whole world for five years".

When asked if the BNP was racist, Edmonds said, "We are 100 per cent racist, yes".

The BNP party conference in October 1991 attracted 450 participants, which reflected its success in gaining further members from the NF.

In 1991 Nick Griffin and a number of other NF leaders left the NF to form the International Third Position, a small but fanatical fascist group. One of the figures behind the ITP was Roberto Fiore, an Italian fascist who fled to London with up to forty others to escape police capture. Fiore was later convicted in absentia. Some of Fiore's associates were behind the Bologna station bombing in 1980 that killed 80 people.

A CND march in Hyde Park
A 1985 CND rally in Hyde Park was attended by nearly 100,000 people

Nick Griffin and Derek Holland in front of a poster of Colonel Gadaffi
The NF was unable to obtain financial support in Libya
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