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1951 - 1962
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1959 - 1962
The White Defence League and National Labour Party united to form the British National Party (BNP). The party, not to be confused with the modern day BNP, was a neo-Fascist party active between 1959 and 1962.

Andrew Fountaine, Colin Jordan and John Edward Bean were elected President, National Organiser and Deputy. They were the former leaders of the newly merged parties.

The BNP was opposed to democracy, "decisions by head-counting", and wished to see it replaced by a "Racial Nationalist Folk-State" which concentrated on National Socialism and had been implemented by Adolf Hitler.

Propaganda expanded to include other immigrant populations including the Blacks, Cypriot, Maltese and Irish. It was necessary to repatriate all coloured immigrants and send all Jews either to Israel or, when it was full, Madagascar. This would prevent Britain "degenerating into a mongrel race."

The BNP attracted as many as 200 recruits.

Jordan's obsession with military-style training began to worry Bean and Fountaine who tried to oust him. They left, taking the organisation's name, its journal Combat and most of its members.

On 20 April 1962, the anniversary of Hitler's birthday, Jordan launched the National Socialist Movement with John Tyndall as National Organiser.

In 1962 Jordan and Tyndall were sent to prison for organising a paramilitary group.

The Empire Windrush
The arrival of the Windrush in 1948 had been a landmark in Britain's multicultural history - the far right advocated repatriation for all coloured immigrants

Colin Jordan and John Tyndall
Colin Jordan and John Tyndall with members of Spearhead, an illegal uniformed nazi organisation, in 1962
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