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TV & Radio
Under the leadership of Nick Griffin the BNP courts the media. This contrasts with the policy of the previous leader, John Tyndall, who shied away from press exposure.

Griffin takes the view that concerns over media "stitch ups" are outweighed by the oxygen of publicity supplied by television coverage. The rank and file in the party, who remain extremely suspicious of the press, don't share this view.

At this summer's "Red White and Blue" event, many members said they didn't want to be filmed. Television crews were positioned in one place in a marquee and BNP security kept a close check on what was being filmed.

Nick Griffin claimed that many ordinary members feared losing their jobs if they were caught on camera.

He said, "People from grave diggers to lecturers have lost their jobs by being in the British National Party because there's a politically correct fascism in this country and so they're nervous about being filmed."

Media appearances

There is a section on the BNP website which is entitled "Multimedia". It includes most of the BNP's television and radio coverage.

Examples include Dr. Phill Edwards, the BNP press officer, commenting during a radio phone-in:

DR EDWARDS - Well you tell me what multi-racialism has done for this country?
INT - Well, I'll tell you...
DR EDWARDS - Apart from a few footballers, a chicken tikka masala, it's done nothing positive for it...

And Tony Lecomber, the BNP's Director of Group Development in another radio interview:

INT - I was born in this country. Am I British?
INT - I've got a black face. Am I British ?
MR LECOMBER - You're not ethnically British, no.
INT - No ? even though I was born here ?
MR LECOMBER - Sure, Spike Milligan was born in India, is he Indian ?
INT - If he would like to classify himself as one, surely he can, can't he ?
MR LECOMBER - Well you know, I mean, can I choose to be a horse, obviously not.

The site also includes clips of media appearances by party members on the BBC, ITV and CNN.

BBC News presenter Huw Edwards
Huw Edwards introduces a report on the BNP for the BBC Six O'clock News

video BBC Six O'clock news from 8 June 2001

Detail from the BNP website
The BNP website lists their radio and television coverage
audio Tony Lecomber gives his views in a radio phone-in programme
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