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The BNP's website contains a template for a leaflet that can be downloaded by regional organisers and distributed locally. The tendency is to print leaflets promoting a local issue which have resonance with the white voter.

Simon Darby, the BNP's Director of Information Technology, says that they have access to an electoral roll database. This enables the party to target its leaflets at white voters.

The Newcastle organiser, Kevin Scott circulated a leaflet in October 2000 in the Denton area of the city. It carried the headline "London's Labour controlled Brent Council's plans to ship 16,000 refugees to Denton."

The leaflet claimed that asylum seekers from Brent were to be dispersed to the Denton area. In fact the story was about 16,000 homeless applicants on the Brent housing list.

The council proposed it would arrange accommodation in Newcastle. Homeless families were to be asked to move on a voluntary basis.

The original article had appeared in the Wembley Observer. It made no reference to asylum seekers, nor to Denton.

Nick Griffin was asked about the case during the Panorama interview. He admitted that the leaflet had been a mistake. He denied that it was the BNP's fault.

Freedom, one of the BNP's monthly newsletters
The BNP gives its opinion on events in "Freedom", the party's monthly newsletter
Last year, in August 2000, the Northern Echo reported that Paul Thompson, the BNP Darlington organiser, distributed leaflets in the town highlighting the "Justice for Simo" campaign.

Paul Simpson, nicknamed "Simo", died after a street fight with Alfred Welch. Welch, a member of the travelling community, was sentenced to three years in prison. The leaflet expressed outrage at the leniency of the sentence.

According to the Northern Echo, police intervened and prevented the "Justice for Simo" leaflets being handed out after deciding they were racially inflammatory.

New campaign

The BNP has been actively campaigning since the race riots of the summer 2001. They have targeted certain elements of the Muslim community.

They have used the events of September 11th 2001 to reinforce that message. There has been a concerted effort to send out leaflets with a clear anti-Islam stance.

There are three to choose from - a schools campaign leaflet, a churches anti-Islam leaflet and a general on-line anti Islam leaflet.

The BNP message says, "As British servicemen face death in the new crusade against Islamic fundamentalists, isn't it time to face up to the fact that the biggest danger to the British people comes, not from Afghan war lords, but from Muslim extremists living in our own country?"

The BNP publishes two monthly newsletters called Freedom and Identity. They contain party news and reaction to current events.

Stephen Belshaw runs Freedom Books, the BNP book service. It sells several books by authors who espouse racist and holocaust denial views.

The Freedom book-list includes writing by former KKK leader David Duke and David Irving who was described last year by High Court judge, Sir Charles Gray as a "right-wing pro-Nazi polemicist".

Paul Thompson
Paul Thompson, BNP Darlington organiser
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