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American Friends

International Links

International Links
The BNP website features photographs of the Director of Publicity, Paul Golding, shaking hands with senior members of Jean Marie Le Pen's party Front National at a rally last summer. It also links to a number of other international far right organisations.

Panorama wrote to each organisation to ask when formal ties were established and whether any official meetings have ever taken place. A selection of responses appear below:

Alleanza Nazionale, Italy
"The National Alliance has not ever entertained, neither has any intention to entertain, some type of relationship with the BNP."

Dansk Folkeparti, Denmark
"I can inform you that The Danish People's Party has absolutely no connection whatsoever with the British National Party. We have never met them, we have never spoken with them. We have never corresponded with them. We don't know who they are - or what they believe in. Anyone can - as you are aware of - make a homepage-link to whatever organisation they choose. The only connection we have to British politicians is with conservative politicians in the EU-sceptic organisation, "Congress for Democracy". We have definitely no plans for co-operation with the BNP."

Front National, France
"At present there are only informal links between the BNP and FN. However, it is clear that, the opposition to a federal Europe as well as the implementation of the 'New World Order', which we are opposing, without even mentioning immigration, we have similar viewpoints. For the future we agree we would like to deepen our links and meetings."

Vlaams Blok, Belgium
"Thank you for your letter, I can inform you that there are no links whatsoever between the Vlaams Blok and the British National Party. I can answer your three questions in the negative. There are no formal ties, we did not take part in any meeting with the BNP and there are absolutely no plans of co-operation with the BNP. Regarding the link on the homepage of the BNP which leads to the Vlaams Blok website, I can tell you that any group on the internet can put a link without the permission of someone in our party. I want to emphasise that no one from the BNP made contact with Vlaams Blok to link their website to ours."

Jean-Marie Le Pen
Jean-Marie Le Pen, leader of the Front National in France

Dansk Folkeparti
Dansk Folkeparti "has absolutely no connection whatsoever with the British National Party"

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