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American Friends

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American Friends
Mark Cotterill set up the American Friends of the BNP in January 1999. He held a series of meetings in the USA to raise money for the party.

On St. George's Day, April 2001, Nick Griffin was a guest speaker in Texas at a private meeting of white nationalists organised by the American Friends of the BNP.

Beside him on the platform sat David Duke, a former leader of the Ku Klux Klan. Set up in the nineteenth century, it is an organisation with a violent history of lynchings and murders of blacks.

Duke has severed his connections with the KKK but has retained links with far rights groups in the US.

Nick Griffin told his audience of the strategy that he and his Party were following to protect the white race in Britain.

He said, "There is nowhere in Britain, there is nowhere in America, there is nowhere on this planet where the multiracial totalitarians will let us go and rear our children the way our grandparents were reared, nowhere on this planet will they leave us alone."

Controversial author

A meeting of the American Friends of the BNP
Nick Griffin addresses the American Friends, with David Duke on his right

video Nick Griffin: "So, what are we now doing in the British National Party?"
Links between America and the BNP go back to 1995 when William Pierce addressed the BNP annual rally.

Pierce is leader of the neo-nazi National Alliance, America's most hardline racist group. He wrote The Turner Diaries, a fictional account of a race war in the US.

The book inspired Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma City bomber and David Copeland, the London nail bomber.

In February 2001, the Electoral Commission changed the rules on overseas donations to political parties in the UK. British electoral law now prohibits donations of more than 200.

The changes meant that the American Friends could no longer send large donations to the BNP.

Mark Cotterill resigned from the American Friends in mysterious circumstances in August 2001. It has now effectively disbanded.

Panorama has discovered that Nick Griffin was a guest speaker at the start of November at a private meeting organised by the CCC (Council of Conservative Citizens) in America.

William Pierce
William Pierce wrote the controversial Turner Diaries
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