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The Young BNP was originally set up by Paul Golding who is now the Director of Publicity for the BNP.

The new chair is Mark Collett, a student at Leeds University. Nick Griffin referred to Collett during his keynote speech at the Red White and Blue weekend as a "rough diamond".

Collett made his inaugural speech at the event. He spoke about the positive response he was getting at university to the BNP message from students who "...weren't university freaks, they weren't Jews, they were normal British people."

He concluded, "We're all standing up, we're all going to fight and now it's time to build a brighter, whiter day."

The Young BNP was responsible for a special presentation at the "Red White and Blue" event called "White Slavery". Panorama was told it could not film this event.


Mark Collett and Jennifer Griffin, launched the Young BNP website in September 2001. Jennifer is the eldest daughter of Nick Griffin and head of the Young BNP's supporters club.

The site includes the following message on its home page:

"We are just normal British people who care passionately about our race and nation, and are sick of being brainwashed by the left-wing Politically Correct teachers that infest our schools. It's time we stood up for Rights for Whites!"

The site goes on to describe their members as young British patriots. It also carries a list of policies. Top of the list is "Homeward bound", a call for voluntary repatriation for ethnic minorities.

Recently, the Young BNP held "Camp Excalibur", a weekend of outdoor activities for their members in Wales.

The Young BNP website
Jennifer Griffin with her father and Mark Collett on the Young BNP website

video Young BNP in discussion about racial purity

Young BNP members at "Camp Excalibur"
Young BNP members go paint-balling at "Camp Excalibur"
video Mark Collett at Camp Excalibur: "No one's caring for white kids in this country - we are."
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