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RWB Event
The centrepiece of the BNP calendar is the "Red, White and Blue" festival, a weekend of family sporting activities, music and political debate.

BNP leader Nick Griffin spoke to 300 supporters packed into a marquee on a wet and windy weekend on a Mid-Wales farm.

He said, "We are here this weekend to have a good time… Let the kids meet and meet other kids and enjoy themselves. It's also political to show people that we're not a party of confrontation, violence, problems, trouble and hatred. We are a party motivated by one word above all else - love."

Panorama could only film the front stage of the marquee and then only certain speakers. The audience and the political tents were off-limits.

But, not everything went to plan. A combination of tight Police security, bad weather, and poor organisation meant the event began several hours later than planned. Many of the outdoor activities were cancelled and the "Political Seminars" failed to materialise.


Griffin led a succession of party activists and organisers in recounting personal testimonies about their involvement in the party. The speakers were followed by an evening of entertainment including "singing, children's play, musical solos, culture" and a fireworks display.

The BBC film crew were allowed to film the fireworks but were then asked to leave before the "entertainment". They were then asked to leave. Griffin explained to Panorama that the reason for their exclusion was that it was a chance for party members to let their hair down without the intrusion of the media.

He said, "There was nothing there which was outrageous or evil or inciteful or anything like that. It was singing, comedy, all sorts of stuff which you get anywhere else."

Panorama has obtained an audio recording of the "entertainment" that followed the fireworks display. This tape challenges Giffin's version of events.

David Calladine, better known within the nazi music scene as "Stigger", headlined the night. In 1997 he was interviewed for a Combat 18 video standing in front of a portrait of Adolf Hitler.

Nick Griffin
Nick Griffin delivering his "keynote" speech

video Nick Griffin makes his entrance for the keynote speech at the RWB event

The main marquee at the RWB event
Panorama was not allowed to film the late night "entertainment"

Following Stigger was John Cartwright, lead singer of Nemesis. Two months after the RWB weekend the band performed at the openly nazi Hammer Fest festival in the US.

The music was followed by "comedy". A succession of BNP supporters told racist "jokes" from the stage. Among them was Warren Glass, a BNP member from West London and a former C18 activist.

He came to the Red White and Blue event with Rob Gray, another former C18 man. In 1997 Gray was imprisoned for producing the highly racist C18 magazine, The Stormer.

Others present included Del O'Connor, former number two in C18, Gary Smith, a leading member of the nazi music scene and Oldham C18 supporters as well.

At the end of the night a number of BNP supporters, including Giffin and some of the leadership of the party, moved to the beer tent where a cassette of SS marching songs was played.

Warren Glass
Warren Glass told racist jokes to an appreciative audience

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