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An important part of the British National Party's "community politics" strategy is the establishment of FAIR - Families Against Immigrant Racism.

It is advertised as a group to assist white victims of racist violence and harassment and offers legal and counselling advice.

Dave Hill, the BNP's East London organiser, is the FAIR co-ordinator for the capital. He said, "There is no mystery, there is no controversy to FAIR, it's just a white rights organisation. We're targeting race hate that is not targeted by other victim support groups."

Tower Hamlets in the East End of London
Tower Hamlets in the East End of London: Leafleted by FAIR

Hill told Panorama that his group had circulated 12,000 FAIR leaflets in the East End of London. He claimed that he had received around 100 phone calls in response since the middle of March 2001.

He said, "Some people phone up, they're in tears, they're frightened to go outside their doors. We would advise them how to help themselves in situations like this."


Reporter Jane Corbin asked Hill for access to cases where FAIR had been of assistance to local white residents, she also asked him for evidence, such as a log, of the calls that he had taken.

He said that he was unable to offer such proof because it was "confidential information". Panorama decided to put Hill's claims to the test.

In a recorded telephone conversation, an elderly local man contacted him on behalf of the programme. The audio tape reveals the somewhat unorthodox advice that Hill offered.

The caller claimed to be suffering harassment from local children. He said he was unsure whether it was racial.

Despite this, Hill insisted that he should use this line with the authorities. He suggested that the caller might like to use "a bit of creative licence."

Hill even encouraged him to lie to the police. He said, "Let's just say these people have said, 'Why are you living here you white B? or you white C? Now if you tell the police this is racial, they have to put it down as racial and then it has to go to the top of their list, it becomes priority."

Hill made another suggestion. He said, "This is very important, ...go to your doctor and tell your doctor that you're suffering extreme stress... What he'll do, he'll put you on anti-depressants. You don't have to take them, you can wash them down the toilet. But once you're on medication and you're also suffering racial abuse at your address then you're a priority case..."

Panorama contacted the Tower Hamlets authority and asked if their Housing Department or Social Services knew of FAIR or had dealt with cases where FAIR was acting on behalf of local white residents. The answer was "No" on both counts.

FAIR leaflet
The FAIR leaflet does not mention its links with the BNP
video Dave Hill: "…our civil liberties and our human rights are being eroded by council incompetence, institutionalised racism."

Dave Hill
Dave Hill claims FAIR has received around 100 calls
audio FAIR's Dave Hill offers unorthodox advice to an elderly caller
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