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Branch work
The BNP is divided into several dozen branches around the country. It is the branches that have the responsibility of implementing the Party's community politics programme. Panorama filmed in two branches, Stafford and Dewsbury.

In Nick Griffin's keynote speech at the annual "Red, White and Blue" event in August he made specific reference to the plight of the homeless in Stafford. He claimed that they had been displaced from local hostels in favour of asylum seekers.

He used this as an example of how, even in an affluent and middle-class town like Stafford, the BNP was broadening its appeal among white residents because of its work in the community.

Panorama asked the BNP if they could put us in touch with the men that Nick Griffin had referred to in his speech. A meeting was arranged with the men and with the local BNP activist who had been working with them.

During the interview it was claimed that Stafford Borough Council had recently accepted 147 asylum seekers and that they had been given priority over these individuals who were not only homeless but suffering from serious drug and alcohol problems.

Panorama investigated this claim and discovered, after consultation with the local Housing Department, that Stafford Borough Council only had one family of asylum seekers in their area.

Homeless men in Stafford
The BNP worked with homeless men in Stafford

Panorama was allowed to film a branch meeting in Dewsbury, Yorkshire, but with strict restrictions imposed.

Local organiser Nick Cass addressed the meeting and the guest speaker was John Salvage, the BNP's Black Country organiser.

Much of the meeting was taken up with the fallout from the 11 September terrorist attacks on the US. Cass criticised the local council.

He said, "The local council has links to every other extremist organisation. They've got links to the Communist Party, they've probably even got links to the Taleban."

Salvage attacked Britain's involvement in the European Union. He said, "They're going to make us slaves to the lower wages. They're going to infest us with millions of people who have already got diseases so the National Health crumbles so where are we going to run to for our money? - Europe."

John Salvage
John Salvage, guest speaker at the Dewsbury branch meeting
video John Salvage: "They're scared stiff, the British people"
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