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Bristol babies timeline
The inquiry is opened


The public inquiry, chaired by Professor Ian Kennedy, opened in a specially-converted hearing room in Bristol.

Professor Kennedy had already spelled out what he expected from it: "Nothing less than an examination of the state of affairs which could lead to such tragedy in Bristol, indeed, an examination of the very culture in which health care in the NHS operated in the relevant period.

"From this examination, we must then distill proposals and recommendations which will aim to see to it that there is never another Bristol, nor anything like it."

James Wisheart gave evidence in December, and tells BBC Radio 4's Today programme afterwards: "I have never claimed to be perfect. But I have done my best.

"I believe I have produced acceptable results. I believe in time the record will show that."

Janardan Dhasmana breaks down at the inquiry as he tells the panel and parents about his regrets in continuing to operate.


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