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Bristol babies timeline
Secret papers passed over


Dr Steve Bolsin conducted a further audit into more of James Wisheart's operations.

The Royal College of Surgeons inspected Bristol in 1994 - and issued a positive report. Wisheart, as yet untouched by scandal, was invited to be president of the Bristol branch of the British Medical Association.

He approached another Department of Health official, Dr Peter Doyle, following a meeting at the hospital. Sharing a cab back to the railway station, he handed Doyle a copy of the audit.

Doyle did not actually read the document, but called Professor Angelini, who reassured him that appropriate steps were being taken.

He was also contacted by Dr John Roylance, who passed on the same message.

He told the inquiry that he was under the impression that complex operations such as the switch would now be halted until a new surgeon could be recruited.


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