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Bristol babies timeline
Dr Bolsin approaches the Department of Health

1991 - 1992

James Wisheart was promoted again, this time to Medical Director of the Bristol Royal Infirmary.

Until this point, Janardan Dhasmana was only carrying out switch operations on toddlers, but now he started operating on newborn babies. His results are very poor.

The satirical magazine Private Eye was now on the scent - publishing its first article critical of the unit.

Dr Bolsin - his audit as yet incomplete - is nonetheless active. Following a meeting at the Infirmary, he approaches a Department of Health official and tells her about his worries.

In addition, the Royal College of Surgeons president Sir Terence English is contacted by Dr John Zorab, medical director of neighbouring Frenchay Hospital, who spells out the worries over the quality of surgery and asking for his advice.

The college considers recommending that Bristol loses its special status as a heart unit - but decides to spare it for now.


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