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BSE and CJD: Chronology of a crisis
report 2000

2000: BSE report complete

The BSE inquiry completes its report. It is passed to the government in October.

The BSE epidemic peaked in 1992/93 and is now at its lowest level since records began in 1988.

Since 1996 about 4.5 million cattle have been slaughtered to prevent the spread of the disease. This has cost more than 1.4bn in compensation to farmers. It has also cost the government more than 575m to dispose of the carcasses.

Since vCJD, was identified in 1995 about 77 people have died of the disease and several more cases have been identified.

Beef exports still remain just a fraction of their level before the European Commission first banned overseas sales in 1996. Although the EC lifted the ban in 1998, France continues to refuse to import any British beef.

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