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Europe's far right
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Livable Netherlands, Pim Fortuyn List 
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Pim Fortuyn 
(assassinated 6 May 2002) 

Anti-immigration party the Pim Fortuyn List is expected to achieve at least 16% of the vote in the May 2002 general election.

Its maverick leader Pim Fortuyn was assassinated in early May.

Fortuyn did not fit the traditional stereotype of other European far-right politicians - he was openly gay and espoused many liberal policies.

Strongly anti-Islamic, Mr Fortuyn wanted to cut immigration levels. He appeared to have some appeal among the young: nearly 50% of a poll of 18 to 30-year-olds in one Dutch newspaper said they wanted to see a complete end to Muslim immigration.

Mr Fortuyn picked up about 30% of the votes after standing as a candidate in Rotterdam's municipal elections. Polls before and after his assassination suggest that the Pim Fortuyn List could win enough seats to become a significant political force.

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