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Clifford Baxter
Clifford BaxterJob: Former chief strategy officer and vice chairman

The suicide of Clifford Baxter has given the Enron affair a tragic twist. Mr Baxter shot himself on 25 January after resigning from Enron the previous May.

While the note did not mention the Enron scandal specifically, it cited lost pride as the reason for the suicide.

"I've always tried to do the right thing, but where there was once great pride, now its gone... the pain is overwhelming," the note said.

Mr Baxter retired from Enron, aged 43. His life of moneyed leisure was disturbed when he was called to give evidence before Congress.

Shortly before his death he broke down in tears while talking on the telephone to a former business associate.

Mr Baxter was named in an internal memo as one of the Enron executives who had opposed its creative accounting practices.

“Cliff Baxter complained mightily to [the then chief executive Jeff] Skilling and all who would listen about the inappropriateness of our transactions,” wrote Sherron Watkins, another Enron director.

He was also named in shareholder lawsuit, alleging that 29 people had gained from selling Enron stock before the company collapsed.
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