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Tony BlairBritish opposition parties accuse the ruling Labour Party of taking Enron’s money in return for access to government ministers.

Critics point to a change in policy on gas-fired power stations as possible evidence of Enron's influence on government policy.

They have also complained about a decision not to refer Enron's takeover of Wessex Water to the Monopolies and Merger Commission.

The UK Government says there is no evidence of “sleaze” and insists its links with Enron have neither changed policy nor bought access to ministers.

A second front of allegations emerged over Labour’s close ties in opposition with Andersen, Enron’s accountants and a company barred from government work for failing to prevent the DeLorean car company collapse.

The government overturned that ban and settled a court case with Andersen. Ministers say this decision was only continuing a process begun under the previous Conservative administration.

Amongst the big five accounting firms, Andersen receives by far the smallest slice of government contracts.
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