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Bush administration

-George W Bush
-Dick Cheney
-Paul O’Neill
-Donald Evans
-Karl Rove
-John Ashcroft
-Thomas White
-Robert Zoellick
 Robert Rubin

British connection

Investigators and regulators

Robert Zoellick
Robert ZoellickCurrent job: US Trade Representative

Link to Enron: Mr Zoellick was a paid consultant on the Enron advisory board before joining the US administration.

He also owned Enron shares worth between $15,000 and $50,000, which he sold after joining the administration.

Mr Zoellick is the cabinet official in charge of negotiating trade deals for the Bush White House.

He is trying to open up foreign markets to US companies, including ambitious plans for expanding the North American Free Trade Area (currently including Canada, US, and Mexico) to the rest of the Latin America - a goal strongly backed by US industry.
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