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Bush administration

-George W Bush
-Dick Cheney
-Paul O’Neill
-Donald Evans
-Karl Rove
-John Ashcroft
-Thomas White
-Robert Zoellick
 Robert Rubin

British connection

Investigators and regulators

Thomas White
Thomas WhiteCurrent job: Secretary of the Army

Link to Enron: Before joining the Bush administration, Mr White held a series of posts at Enron. Among them vice chairman of Enron Energy Services, member of the company’s executive committee and chairman and chief executive officer for Enron Operations Corporation.

During his 11 years at Enron, Mr White accrued between $50m and $100m in Enron stock and options - more than any other member of the administration.

By selling them before he joined the administration, he said, he suffered “significant personal losses”.

In a response to a congressional inquiry last month, he acknowledged having held numerous phone conversations and meetings with Enron staff since his government appointment.

Mr White said he discussed the company’s problems with Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and Secretary of State Colin Powell, but said the conversations were about the personal impact the bankruptcy would have.
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