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Karl Rove
Karl RoveCurrent job: Chief political advisor to President Bush

Link to Enron: Mr Rove was one of the biggest holders of Enron stock among White House staffers, with between $100,000 and $250,000 worth of shares when he was appointed. He was required to sell them when the Bush administration took office.

The White House has acknowledged that Mr Rove took part in meetings that helped shape the Bush government’s energy policy, while he still held Enron shares and stock in other energy companies – though the administration denies that the meetings were specific enough to raise conflict-of-interest of interest.

Mr Rove also recommended the Republican strategist Ralph Reed (former executive director of the Christian Coalition) to Enron for a consulting contract as Mr Bush was considering whether to run for president.

Both the White House and Enron deny that this was a deal to secure Mr Reed’s backing, but critics allege the move was intended to keep Mr Reed loyal to the Bush campaign without putting him on the Bush payroll.

Critics say Mr Rove’s involvement in Mr Reed's hiring underscores the close association between Enron and the Bush inner circle.
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