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Bush administration

-George W Bush
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-Donald Evans
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-John Ashcroft
-Thomas White
-Robert Zoellick
 Robert Rubin

British connection

Investigators and regulators

Spencer Abraham
Spencer AbrahamCurrent job: US Energy Secretary

Link to Enron: Mr Abraham, the former Senator for Michigan, received campaign contributions from Enron.

He called Enron chairman Kenneth Lay on 2 November to ask him about the company’s financial problems, according to the US Energy Department.

An aide to Mr Abraham told the Los Angeles Times that the conversation was “very short” and that Mr Lay had not asked for any help. “Nor did Secretary Abraham offer any,” spokeswoman Jeanne Lopatto said.

He is also reported to have discussed energy policy with Enron executives on several occasions.

Mr Abraham is the grandson of Lebanese immigrants and known to be a firm supporter of President Bush’s proposed tax cuts.
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