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Jo Berardino
Jo BerardinoJob: former Chief Executive, Andersen

Mr Berardino did not last long in his job. Only recently appointed as chief executive of Andersen, he tried to distance the leading accounting firm from the scandal surrounding Enron’s collapse.

He admitted his firm was losing clients because of the Enron affair, but vowed to take the necessary steps to reassure the public that “our backbone is firm and our judgement is clear”.

He vigorously defended his firm before Congressional committees and the media.

He conceded that an error of judgement was made in shredding documents, but protested Andersen’s innocence.

However, at the end of March 2002 he finally took responsibility for Andersen employees shredding criminal evidence and resigned.

Joseph Berardino had been an Andersen man through and through. Aged 51, he had been working for the accountants since graduating in 1972.

Ten years after joining the firm, he was appointed to be a partner.

And almost 20 years after that he was elected as chief executive officer, heading up a team of what were then 80,000 staff in 84 different countries.
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