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Finnish Markka  
Finnish Currency
Curriculum Vitae:
Born 1862
Replaced rouble
1 markka = 100 pennia
1 euro = 5.95 marks
The Finnish euro
When the markka was introduced in 1862 Finland was an autonomous grand duchy under the Russian tsars. It became the only part of the Russian empire to have its own currency. The campaign for the markka was a key part in Finland's fight for greater autonomy, and the currency emerged as an important national symbol.

Pegged to the Russian rouble until 1878, the markka was subsequently fixed to the gold standard.

The remaining symbolic ties - for example the use of the imperial coat of arms - were severed when Finland became independent in 1917.

After a period of fast inflation in the 1950s, there was a currency reform changing 100 old markkas for one new markka.

The basic design of the one-markka coin has remained unchanged for the past 140 years - carrying the lion rampant from the Finnish coat of arms. The same motif will appear on the Finnish euro coins.

Because of its value as a national symbol, there has been a lot of nostalgia and some opposition to the mark being replaced by the euro. With the country split almost 50:50 on the issue, Finland is the least enthusiastic of the euro countries. But there is a mood of resigned acceptance rather than resistance.

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