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Flight 587 crash
Area map showing wreckage dispersal
  • The main body of the plane hit 131st Street and Newport Avenue, leaving bodies strewn on the road

  • At least four houses were destroyed with up to a dozen more damaged

  • Both engines were found some distance from the main crash site - one 700 feet (200 metres) away, and the second about 800 ft away (250m)

  • Emergency services began arriving at about 0920am, just minutes after impact

Rescue workers at the crash scene
New York fire crews face another disaster
Crash site

The Airbus hit the New York suburb of Rockaway at 0917am after a flight time of 2 minutes and 24 seconds.

That fresh tragedy should strike the area which housed many of the firefighters and workers who died at the World Trade Center disaster of 11 September came as a deep shock for the city.

Parts of the plane flattened several houses, and set many more on fire while other bits of wreckage, including the tail fin and rudder, were found strewn in Jamaica Bay.

All on board the plane were killed, with five people reported dead on the ground.

Quick work by the emergency services brought the blaze swiftly under control.

The US authorities announced they will investigate the crash as an accident, but a terrorist attack was not entirely ruled out.

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