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America Under Attack


 08:48 EDT
  12:48 GMT

 09:03 EDT
  13:03 GMT

 09:40 EDT
  13:40 GMT

 10:00 EDT
  14:00 GMT

Flight 11: Crashed at 0848 EDT
Flight 175: Crashed at 0903 EDT
Flight 77: Crashed at 0940 EDT
Flight 93: Crashed at 1030 EDT

The BBC’s Stephen Sackur reports from Washington
0940: Washington DC

American Airlines flight 77

A third hijacked plane crashed into the Pentagon in Washington DC at 0940. Flight 77, a Boeing 757 took off from from Dulles Airport, Washington, at 08:10 and was en route to Los Angeles with 58 passengers, four flight attendants and two pilots when it was hijacked. The crash killed all those on board and an estimated 190 people who worked at the Pentagon, the US military headquarters.

Journey Lawyer and TV commentator Barbara Olson, wife of US Solicitor General Theodore Olson, was aboard the plane that crashed into the Pentagon. During the hijack she called her husband twice and asked him, "What should I tell the pilot to do?" Duing the second call he told her a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center.

Hijackers Suspected hijackers on this flight were named by the FBI as Khalid Al-Midhar, Majed Moqed, Nawaq Alhamzi, Salem Alhamzi and Hani Hanjour. The hijacker who piloted the jet may have been Hanjour. Investigators believe they herded the passengers into the rear of the planeand switched off the transponder in the cockpit preventing the plane from being tracked. Air force jets were alerted - but they arrived after the plane had crashed.

In Pictures Twin Towers Tenants
World Trade Disaster Military Picture
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