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SAN FRANCISCO - 26 October
680, Valencia
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Our fourth webcast took Tom Carver and Kevin Anderson to the headquarters of the Green Party in San Francisco. Watch it by clicking on the link above.

Several of you asked about so-called third party candidates in the US, candidates from parties other than the two dominant parties, the Republicans and the Democrats.

Pete Coan complained that the BBC, "like the corporate-owned American media" was not covering Ralph Naderís campaign under the Green Party banner so we decided to go to Green Party headquarters in the San Francisco to talk, not only about that party, but also other parties trying to crack the duopoly of power.

We talked to Ross Mirkarimi, the head of Ralph Nader's campaign, and local Green organiser Malik Rahim.

Ross said the system was stacked against alternate parties like the Greens, citing that although Mr Nader is getting about 5% support in national polls, he is only getting about 1% of the news coverage, and was excluded "unfairly" from the presidential debates.

But Mr Nader is getting noticed, if not from the media then from the two traditional parties.

The Greens are coming under fire from the Democratic Party in California because they see Mr Nader cutting into Al Goreís support in this key state.

But Malik said: "Minorities, especially African-Americans, have been left behind by both parties.

"If you have one party that is kicking you in the behind one way, and the other party is kicking you in your behind another way, than why should you vote?" he asked, adding that the Greens offer an alternative.

Click here to read Tom Carver's report "Green's seek gold out West".

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