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Read a selection of your questions, comments and suggestions for our Vote USA Election Challenge, and the responses from our reporter Tom Carver.

How bad was the environment prior to Bush's term? Has he improved or worsened it?
Linda McCabe, Washington, DC

It's true that Texas' environmental record was already poor when George Bush became Governor. The criticism is not so much that he made it worse but that he did nothing to improve it. For instance, he passed a bill to clean up industrial pollution but allowed many old plants to be exempt. On other hand, the Republicans point out that of course Houston is going to have smog - it has 60% of America's petrochemical industry.

What do the policies of the third parties seem to be as far as gays and lesbians are concerned?
John Bond, Gosport, England

The Greens' policy is "equal rights and equal responsibility". They would allow gays to have full rights such as in marriage and the armed forces. Most other third parties are much more right wing than the Republicans and would not allow anything of the kind!

Why did GW state that he passed the HMO rights in the state of Texas when he had actually vetoed it? Is this not fuzzy thinking on his part????
Cecilia Faber, San Francisco/US

Cecilia Faber is right. In the final debate, Bush said he had helped to pass a patients' bill of rights in Texas when in fact he vetoed it and in the end the bill was passed by the Texas legislature without his signature.

I like Mr Bush very well and would like to vote for him if I were in the USA, but a friend says he is a racist, how far is that true?
Philip Frimpong, Ghana, Accra

There is no evidence Mr Bush is a racist, and he preaches a much more consensus-based form of Republicanism, called compassionate conservatism, than many of his predecessors.

From my point of view Bush isn't the man for the job. Stop cracking jokes and talk straight. We need someone with the brains to handle other heads of state and they don't joke all the time.
Betty Sanders, Richardson, Texas

I wonder how many of your fellow Texans will agree with you on election night!!

Which candidate is more likely to support and standby Israel?
Jayne Borman, North Carolina, USA

Probably Bush. He has said unequivocally that America must be Israel's friend. Gore has tried to be more even-handed, saying America should act as an honest broker. Ralph Nader of the Green Party says America should give more attention to the rights of the Palestinians.

British polticians always make great play of our special relationship with the US but I have never heard the UK mentioned in the course of these campaigns. Have you guys found any evidence of the 'special relationship'?
Simon Broadley, London UK

Even as a British reporter with a keen ear for any British angle, I haven't heard either of the candidates mention Britain, or Blair, except in passing.

It looks like you are planning to spend too much time in planes and big cities. Should you get around to driving, interview people in downtown cafes in small towns. There is always a crowd at noon.
Bruce Hansen, USA

If you cross America twice in five days you don't have any choice but to spend a lot of time in planes! Small towns are of course important and we will be in one outside Chicago to speak about undecided voters.