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MIAMI - 23 October
Café Med, South Beach
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Our reporters Tom Carver and Kevin Anderson travelled to Miami for the first assignment in their Election Challenge. Watch their webcast as they find out why so many Americans choose not to vote.

Kevin Anderson writes:
Miami feels different from the rest of the United States. It is as much Caribbean as American. You can hear it in the music, the mix of salsa and reggae.

In the last presidential election, Florida had the second lowest turnout of voters aged 18 to 24.

To answer your questions about why Americans seem so apathetic, we talked to students in Miami - you can see what some of them said in our webcast.

Radhe Vaswani said she most likely would not vote, because she was "not that enthused" about the candidates from the two major parties. Fellow student Colin Howard said strong alternative parties to the Republicans and Democrats would help.

Many of those we spoke to said they would vote, but were looking for a reason to visit the polling booth. Scott Gentles said he could barely tell the two candidates apart.

Click here to read Tom Carver's report on voter apathy.

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