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CHICAGO - 27 October
Arlington Heights
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Watch Tom Carver and Kevin Anderson's final webcast from the suburbs of Chicago, where they ask what issues will make up the minds of America's crucial undecided voters.

Kevin Anderson writes:
It is the closest presidential election in 20 years, and the race will be decided by a handful of swing states many in the Midwest of the US.

David Hinshaw in the US wanted us to go to a battleground state in Middle America to find out more about swing voters.

We travelled to Arlington Heights, a suburb of Chicago, to talk to undecided voter Diane Muchow and Madeleine Doubek, an editor at the suburban Daily Herald newspaper.

Diane is a soccer mom, the kind of voter that has been key in the last few elections. She voted for Ronald Reagan and then for Bill Clinton, but this time, she doesn’t know who to vote for.

She has never left it so close to election day before to make up her mind, but this time, no single issue stands out in her mind. And she has not found a compelling reason to vote for either candidate.

Madeleine Doubek said issues such as abortion and gun control are key to "soccer moms" like Diane.

And voters like Diane will decide this election.

Click here to read Tom Carver's report on Chicago voters.

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