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AUSTIN - 24 October
Waterloo Park
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Watch the video of Tom and Kevin's second webcast from the State Capitol in Austin, Texas as they find out more about George W Bush the man, and his record as governor.

Kevin Anderson writes:
Local Democrat Glen Maxey scoffed at the idea of "President Bush", pointing out that as governor, George W took two-hour lunch breaks and liked to finish work by 6pm.

Republican Alan Sager countered that the governor often ran around the local park during his lunch break, showing he was a "man of the people".

All agreed that when younger, George W had been more interested in baseball than politics, although Dave McNelly of the Austin-America Statesman newspaper said the "family bloodline" meant he could take up politics whenever he wanted to.

Answering Randy Linke’s question on his record on the environment, Mr Maxey said Governor Bush had done nothing to stop big oil corporations polluting Texas .

Alan Sager admitted the Bush record on the environment wasn’t good but he said it had not been his priority.

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