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The Single Transferable Vote

The simplest way to explain how STV works is to demonstrate it.

This sequence of pages shows how the results might turn out in a fictional election, using a very simplified version of the STV rules to be used on June 25.

To be elected a candidate must reach a minimum number of votes. That's called the quota.
The quota being (in a six member seat) the fewest votes a candidate needs to be certain of being in the top six.
This is calculated by dividing the number of votes cast by seven, then adding a vote.

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Whiteside East 10 candidates
62,459 votes cast 6 seats to be filled

Quota to be elected = [total votes divided by (6+1)] + 1 vote = 8,923

Allen UUP
Casey SDLP
Hamilton DUP
Hennessey SF
Higgins UUP
Lynch SDLP
McIntosh UUP
Ross DUP
White PUP
Young All