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Your millennium In September BBC News Online users voted for the greatest thinker of the last thousand years. We asked the views of Edward de Bono and Roger Scruton who chose William James and Thomas Aquinas respectively. But BBC News Online readers had other ideas and voted overwhelming for Karl Marx.

Below is your top ten - and some of your comments. To find out what the current contest is, and to take part in choosing your millennium favourites, click here.

1. William James
2. James Clerk Maxwell
3. Louis Pasteur
4. Charles Babbage
5. Karl Marx
6. Henri Rousseau
7. Thomas Edison
8. Thomas Aquinas
9. Catherine the Great of Russia
10. Walt Disney
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Edward de Bono

He has written 63 books with translations into 34 languages and his work on the teaching of thinking is used in thousands of schools worldwide. He has also advised many of the world's largest corporations and featured in two television series.

1. Thomas Aquinas
2. William Shakespeare
3. Immanuel Kant
4. Dr Samuel Johnson
5. Denis Diderot
6. G.W.F. Hegel
7. Hobler
8. T.S. Eliot
9. Ludwig Wittgenstein
10. Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibnitz
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Professor Roger Scruton

Professor Roger Scruton has lectured in philosophy at Birbeck College, London and at Boston University in Massachusetts, USA.

His many books include An Intelligent Person's Guide to Philosophy, A Dictionary of Political Thought and A Short History of Modern Philosophy. He has also written a book about hunting and country life.

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