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1. Jan Vermeer
Timeless golden serenity.

2. Giotto
The greatest painter of human narrative.

3. Titian (Tiziano Vecellio)
The summation of the use of oil paint.

4. William Hogarth
All humanity is there.

5. J William Turner
Eternal light and vision.

6. Jan Van Eyck
Paralytic glimpses of the divine.

7. Francisco de Goya
Haunting commentator on the fallibility of man.

8. Casper David Friedrich
Revelations of the inner world.

9. Diego Velasquez
The greatest portrait painter.

10. Piero della Francesca
Cool passion and abstract monumentalism.

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Sir Roy Strong
Flamboyance and individuality are Sir Roy’s hallmarks. He is also well noted for his fondness for fedora hats.

Sir Roy came to prominence at age 32 when he became the youngest director of the National Portrait Gallery. He set about transforming its conservative image with a series of extrovert shows, including 600 Cecil Beaton portraits.

Dedicated to the culture of the 60s and 70s, Sir Roy went on to wow audiences at the V&A in 1974 with his collection of fedora hats, kipper ties and maxi coats. By regularly introducing new exhibitions he doubled attendance.

Sir Roy left the gallery in 1987. He is now a prolific art writer and broadcaster.