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Your millennium Half way through June, Amitabh Bachchan is leading in the contest for the greatest stage and screen star of the millennium. But there is still time for you to weigh in with your choice.

Choose the person you think is the greatest stage and screen star in the form below. Join us each month for a new vote.

1. Spencer Tracy
2. Amitabh Bachchan
3. Laurel and Hardy
4. Louis Armstrong
5. Woody Allen
6. Nargis
7. Sidney Poitier
8. Homer Simpson
9. Meryl Streep
10. Dame Judi Dench
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Meera Syal

Meera Syal is an established comedienne, actress and writer with numerous film, television and theatre credits to her name.

Among her many television acting roles in Britain, she has featured in Absolutely Fabulous, Drop the Dead Donkey and Soldier, Soldier. Her most recent success was the hugely popular Goodness Gracious Me, an Asian comedy sketch show, which she both wrote and starred in.

1. Cary Grant
2. Katharine Hepburn
3. Sir Alec Guinness
4. Dame Judi Dench
5. Robert de Niro
6. Marlon Brando
7. Anna Magnani
8. Marcello Mastroianni
9. Simone Signorey
10. Charles Laughton
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Mark Shivas

Mark Shivas was head of television drama and then television films at the BBC from 1988 to 1997. During that period he was executive producer of more than 30 feature films including the internationally-acclaimed, Truly Madly Deeply.

Mr Shivas now has his own company, Perpetual Motion Pictures. His most recent works are Talking Heads 2 for BBC Television and the film, Hideous Kinky, starring Kate Winslet.

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