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In July, BBC News Online users voted for the greatest sportsperson of the last thousand years. You chose former heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali. The choice was backed by two sporting experts, Trevor Brooking and Imran Khan.

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Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali was a boxing legend, a three-times world heavyweight champion thrilling millions during the 1960s and 70s.
He was banned from the ring for more than three years when he refused to join the US army to fight in Vietnam. It was his conversion to the Muslim faith that gave him the conviction of his beliefs and led him to change his name from Cassius Clay.
Once considered "the most famous man on the planet", he has been credited with helping improve race relations. Despite failing health he actively campaigns for the cancellation of Third World debt.
In 1996 he lit the torch at the Atlanta Olympics.
Your Top 10 Sports People:
1. Muhammad Ali
2. Pele
3. Sunil Gavaskar
4. Michael Jordan
5. Sachin Tendulkar
6. Sir Don Bradman
7. Kapil Dev
8. Imran Khan
9. Jesse Owens
10. Ayrton Senna
What you have said:
Muhammad Ali was a wonderful sportsman and a great entertainer. He was an inspiration to us all and managed to avoid many of the pitfalls open to sportsmen and women.
Jane Ireland

Muhammad Ali had everything to be a great sportsman: speed, bravery, cunning, guile, personality and the people loved him. A one-off and sadly we will never see the like of him again.
Colin Miller, Australia

Muhammad Ali graced a sport that now looks like a backyard brawl. He had the grace of a ballet dancer, and when at his best, made boxing look like an art form. But also was a man of principles and integrity.
Noor Jivraj

Muhammad Ali was great sportsman and did not bow to pressure to go to Vietnam.
Joe Worthy

Muhammad Ali was quite simply the greatest. A supreme athlete and wonderful ambassador for sport.
Neil Gershon, UK

Pele did everything a mere mortal would only dream about with a football.
Chris Leong, UK

The greatest soccer star, and soccer being the sport with the largest fan following, Pele deserves to be the greatest sportsperson.
Jiji Thomas George

In the modern era of the game, Sunil Gavaskar was the most talented player of all. With his great understanding of the game and his commitment he definitely played some memorable innings. When Gavaskar was playing, there were no other batsmen to support him and also the lack of bowlers in the team put immense pressure on him to make sure team always had a good score to defend. This sometimes made him defensive, but still he was the best and will remain one.
Samit Ashdhir

Sunil Gavaskar has shown all future cricketers from the Indian sub continent that they can aspire to be the best in the world.
G H Rao

Michael Jordan, the greatest athlete the world has ever seen.
Bruce Jenner

Michael Jordan: 6 NBA titles, 2 Olympic gold medals. The only human who could fly.
Robert Reis

Sachin Tendulkar gained an excellent batting performance at young age, against all odds and tremendous pressure of modern cricket. Excellent role model.
Aash Shah

Sachin Tendulkar, for his sheer amount of talent and perfection. His immaculate behaviour both on and off the field makes him a perfect sporting hero. Can anyone think of even a single controversy involving Sachin both on and off the field? Not to mention that he carries the expectations of one billion people on his young shoulders every time he walks into the field.
Subhash Kari

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