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In January, Trevor Baylis and Professor Heinz Wolff chose their inventors of the millennium: Frank Whittle and Michael Faraday. But News Online readers voted overwhelmingly for Johannes Gutenberg. Read your comments below plus News Online’s honourable mentions for the most creative entries.

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Johannes Gutenberg
Inventor of the printing press
Johannes Gutenberg pioneered techniques of metalwork, such as casting, punch-cutting, and stamping, for the mass production of books in the 15th century.
At the time, European books were written by hand. To reproduce this "look," Gutenberg invented a font with more than 300 characters and perfected the blend of lead, antimony, and tin used by type foundries up to the 20th century.
Your Top 10 Inventors:
1. Johannes Gutenberg
Printing Press
2. Thomas Alva Edison
Electrical innovations
3. Leonardo Da Vinci
Foreshadow invention in flight, astronomy, hydrodynamics
4. Niccola Tesla
AC (alternating current) induction motor
5. Michael Faraday
Electric motor, generator and transformer
6. Charles Babbage
Precursor of calculator and computer
7. Alexander Graham Bell
8. John Logie Baird
9. Frank Whittle
Jet engine
10. Sir Isaac Newton
Discovery of gravity
Honourable mentions
The vote attracted some interesting, though unconventional, suggestions. Two people voted for their own mother, presumably for creating themselves. Another put forward Yogi Baird - a hybrid of the cartoon character Yogi Bear and John Logi Baird, the inventor of TV.

Other weird and wonderful propositions included:

  • Whoever invented reading glasses
  • Whoever invented remote control
What you said:
Without the written word being available to all, the world would have stayed in the hands of a small few.
P Alderson

Enabled the spread of ideas and dissemination of information to be much easier and available to a wider audience.
Becky Linford-Jones

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