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Your millennium Halfway through August, Spike Milligan leads contest for the millennium's funniest person. He is followed closely by John Cleese and Charlie Chaplin. The race is tight so weigh in with your choice soon. The result will appear at the end of the month.

Choose the person you think is the funniest person in the form below. Join us each month for a new vote.

1. Lucille Ball
2. Steve Martin
3. Jerry Seinfeld
4. Eric Morecambe
5. Tony Hancock
6. Alan Bennett
7. Elaine May and Mike Nichols
8. Bilko
9. Alison Steadman
10. Laurel and Hardy
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French and Saunders

French and Saunders are one of the UK's most popular comedy duos today.

They have worked together on several sketch series and also star in sitcoms: Jennifer Saunders as Edina in Absolutely Fabulous and Dawn French as a female vicar in The Vicar of Dibley.

They chose their top 10 funniest people of the millennium because "They're funny. They make us laugh."

1. William Shakespeare
2. Laurence Sterne
3. Charles Dickens
4. WC Fields
5. Groucho Marx
6. Woody Allen
7. Bette Midler
8. John Cleese
9. Rowan Atkinson
10. Simon Bell
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Richard Curtis

Richard Curtis has written three of the most successful British films ever: Notting Hill, Four Weddings and a Funeral and Mr Bean.

His other British comedy successes include the classic television series Blackadder and The Vicar of Dibley and he also helped found Comic Relief, the organisation that runs Red Nose Day.

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